Video Marketing: Step 4 – Edit

by MI
Filming may be done, but the video project is far from over. In video marketing, the focus of post-production is on putting it all together and creating an end product that is true to the message, attracts viewers, and, in the end, meets your business goals. Post-production involves a lot of video editing and integration, but, since the output is the finished video, it should not be taken lightly. Editing Editing the video that has been recorded can be a time consuming and tedious process, and, hence, should be done in an organized manner. The first step of the editing […]

Video Marketing: Step 3 – Produce

by MI
All the planning and preparation will lead up to this … the actual production of the video. You are now about halfway through the video marketing process. Production is essentially about filming or recording the video. Armed with your video storyboard, shot list, and production schedule, you are set to guide the filming process. Here are some video production tips. 1. Address Safety First of all, make sure that all safety concerns have been addressed. At least one (more than one is better) first aid kit should always be available and everyone should know where it is. Review all safety […]

Video Marketing: Step 2 – Prepare

by MI
Once you have an objective and a plan for your video, move on to the preparation or pre-production phase of the process. This is a key creative part of the process. The preparation that happens before the actual filming of the video is crucial to the overall success of the recording and creation of the video. Video production can be a lot of work and very time consuming. Before moving ahead with the actual filming or recording process, you need to make sure that you have identified and assembled everything you will need. Remember, the best defense against unforeseen problems, […]

Video Marketing: Step 1 – Plan

by MI
Videos have become one of the preferred modals to communicate a message and attract attention to a product, service or brand. There is a large segment of the population that would rather watch a video than read text. In fact, worldwide, people spend over 6 billion hours per month watching videos online. And YouTube has become the second internet search engine behind Google. Hence, the need to make video marketing a key component of your marketing strategy. Video Marketing on the Internet Online, video marketing is very efficient and effective. Uploading a promotional video to a website doesn’t take much […]

Using YouTube To Promote Your Business – 3 Video Marketing Tips

by MI
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So, how can you use YouTube to promote your business? Recent stats reveal that YouTube has over a billion active users watching over an hour of content per day. This means that your target audience and potential customers are definitely paying attention and active on YouTube. But the question is how do you reach them? And more importantly, how do you position your videos and your content to actually get discovered so that you can ultimately grow your business? Let’s talk about mastering the YouTube machine. Here’s the first question. How do people actually discover videos on YouTube? There are […]

Video Marketing Helps SEO

by MI
The primary goal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to ensure that a website lands on the first page of the results for a given search based on a target keyword.  SEO is all about getting the best search engine rankings. SEO is any activity that boosts the visibility of a website in search engines like Google or Bing. The more frequently a website appears on the first page of a Google or Bing search, the more people will visit that website. This is what companies pay for and need to drive product sales online. SEO looks at what people […]
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