Another Very Effective Way To Build An Audience & Communicate Online

by MI
To be successful online you need to build an audience, and you need to communicate with that audience. You need to build trust and rapport with your audience and potential clients.

However, communicating with your potential customers is getting harder every day.

Many businesses use email sequences to communicate with their customers. And while email is still an effective communication method, it is also true that we are all in such a state of information overload that emails may get buried in our inbox, and we may not read them for days or even weeks.

However, now there is another way to communicate with your customers and potential clients...web-based browser notifications (a.k.a., push notifications).
What are push notifications?

Push notifications are messages that appear in the [web] browser of a website visitor.  Typically push notifications contain text and images, and will appear in a users browser independent of the website they are browsing.

Why should you use push notifications?

Push notifications enable you to communicate directly with a website visitor or customer (after they have "opted-in").   A push notification can be an easier and more effective way to communicate with and engage your subscribers.  These are some of the benefits:

- Display notifications/messages to your subscribers directly in their browser. They do not need to open their email inbox.
- Communicate with your subscribers even when they are not visiting your website.
- Build an audience online.
- Higher "opt-in" rates (we have seen opt-in rates greater than 20%).
- Higher click rates (we have seen click rates greater than 10% (5x email click rates)).
- Direct users to your websites or other URLs.
Typically, the sections of a web browser push notification include:

A Logo, Icon, and/or Image
It's always a good idea to identify yourself and your brand to make sure that your subscribers recognize the sender and read the notification.
A Headline
Direct, catchy and simple is the rule of thumb.
The Message
What is your message to the user?  Convince the user to click; to read more...
A Call-To-Action - Be clear and specific.
And we have a solution ... MI PushNotifications! And for a limited time you can get MI PushNotifications as part of a very special offer!
With MI PushNotifications you can:
Signup your website visitors to receive your push notifications (directly in their web browser; desktop and laptop PC). Easy!

Customize the "Thank You" message that will be displayed when a visitor provides permission to receive your notifications.

Write a message and then click to display it in your subscribers web browser. (Works with Chrome and Firefox browsers.)

Schedule notification messages.

There is no limitation on the number of subscribers you can have!

The domain name that will be displayed will be your domain name - not the domain name of a third-party service provider.
So, how do you get MI PushNotifications software...

Remember success always comes to those who act...

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