--What do your customers really want?--
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About Your Business?
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According To Forbes, 42% Of All New Businesses Fail...

Because They Forget To Answer The Single Most Important Question About Their Market...

This Key Question Is:

“What do your customers really need and want?”

To find out ... ASK! Surveys are one of the primary tools you have to help answer this question.

MI LeadSurvey

MI LeadSurvey enables you to easily create professional surveys that you can share online...

MI LeadSurvey allows you to:

  • Quickly capture valueable insights about the core needs and wants of your potential clients and customers.
  • Build a highly segmented list of potential clients.
  • And More...

MI LeadSurvey helps you:

  • Harness FREE visitors on the largest social networks to share your surveys.
  • Easily build and segment a list of pre-qualified targeted subscribers and potential customers. 
  • Remove the guesswork from your marketing and build your business on a solid foundation, by truly understanding your customers’ needs, wants and biggest challenges.
  • Acquire critical market data from targeted and responsive market segments.
  • And more...
MI LeadSurvey Is Easy To Use
Here’s how it works:
  • What do you want to ask your customers or potential clients? Create your survey.
  • Share the link to your survey via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Watch as each new lead brings with it a wealth of valuable market information.
They Say That Knowledge Is Power...
But Knowledge Is Only Power If You Can Use It!

Learn What, Where, When, and How To Sell To Every New Lead You Get.
MI LeadSurvey Core Features 
To Help Grow Your Business...

Fully Mobile Responsive: MI LeadSurvey displays beautifully on mobile devices for maximum market reach.

Video Features: MI LeadSurvey gives you the ability to include video as well as regular text to encourage even greater engagement, attention and lead acquisition.

Viral Sharing: And all surveys have the ability to go viral by encouraging viewers to share the link to the survey once they have completed the survey.

Autoresponder Integration: MI LeadSurvey includes seamless integration with most email autoresponders to make lead management, segmentation and potential client list building easy.

Web-Based Platform: MI LeadSurvey is a web-based application. The platform can be accessed from a single dashboard and you don't need to worry about software updates.

MI LeadSurvey can help boost any business, online or offline, and help improve performance with access to better information.

Imagine asking questions about an entrepreneur’s biggest obstacles, and then offering a free report on overcoming business obstacles in exchange for sharing your survey.

MI LeadSurvey Sharing Features Include...

Share Your Unique Survey URL

MI LeadSurvey has its own sharing URL; create your survey and MI LeadSurvey gives you a unique URL for the survey.

This can be shared on social media sites, in email, and much more... And all statistics are tracked.

Embed Your Survey On A Wordpress (WP) Site

You can embed your survey directly on your [WP] website. All you need to do is copy the survey code and embed it on the appropriate WP page.

And you don't need to send your visitors anywhere else to complete the survey; its right there on your website and they never leave your site while they fill in the information.

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MI LeadSurvey makes it easy to find out what your prospects want, especially when you’re building a targeted list of new prospects in the process...

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Remember...42% of businesses fail because they don’t do market research.

Don’t let your business become another statistic.

Use MI LeadSurvey to discover what your customers and potential clients really need and want.

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